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Even if your ads, landing pages, sales letters and upsells are doing okay, using my “Testing God  Method” consistently can double, triple, or even quadruple the results you’re getting!

And it’s actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it.  

I'm gonna show you:

1.  How to setup a realistic website testing system to consistently increase the conversion rates of your website leading to a steady increase in your website's value per visitor.

2.  How to track & test multiple leverage points simultaneously, allowing for quick improvement at each step of your sales process, resulting in geometric profit growth.

3.  How to setup an idea queue so you never run out of ideas on what to test. I'll show you the first 5 split tests I use for each new campaign (and why I think they are the most important, usually - and when they're not).

4.  How to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on recurring charges for 3rd Party AD TRACKING AND SPLIT TESTING TOOLS.

I proudly introduce...

Tracking God Method



Hands down the most effective, most powerful and most  lucrative marketing activity you could ever aim to master! 

Making Money is About Fulfilling Other People's Wants, Needs, Desires and Dreams...

It's about Providing a Solution. It's about The RESULT you can deliver. You can have the fanciest website with all the bells and whistles.  You can have blogs with every plugin under the sun.  

You can have the sneakiest and smartest programmers in the world. You can know the most incredible  tactics for gaming Google.

You can have an email list of 1,000,000 people. You can purchase hundreds of domains.  You can have all the traffic in the world.

All of that means nothing unless a human being (someone who visits your website) takes your desired action and BUYS SOMETHING. For the purposes of this report, I'm assuming your making money selling your own products or other peoples products as an affiliate for a commission.

You only get paid when you make a sale.

You can't escape that. And when you have a proven sales process that works, you will want to throw as much money at them as you possibly can because you will get a specific dollar amount back for every dollar you spend. So forget about traffic for now. As you're about to see, the missing key to generating an insane income is not traffic... 


If you can consistently and effectively convert the traffic coming to your website into sales, and then more sales, then you can write your own ticket.

When I create a website, I'm concerned with one metric more than any other – VPV.

** Value per Visitor ** is your most important number.

That's what each person who visits your website is worth to you – on average.

You must first figure out what each visitor is worth to you and then do everything you can to increase that value as high as humanly possible.

And then, and only then do you work on increasing your traffic through the roof.

I know that's the opposite of what many other people are teaching, but I'm telling you the way I see it. How do you calculate the value per visitor? Simple.

Divide the # of visitors to your website into the total amount of money you generated during that same period of time. 

Let's say you got exactly 100 visitors between Tuesday at 10am and Wednesday at 10am.  Add up how much money you earned from Tuesday 10am  to Wednesday 10am.

Now divide the amount of money you made by the amount of traffic you received.

For example: If you earned $175 during that time, then each visitor is worth $1.75 to you.

($175 divided by 100 visitors is $1.75.)

That means that in theory, you could spend $1.75 per click on Adwords, Yahoo or MSN and break even on the front end sale. 

And then all the cash you collect on the backend follow-up is pure profit. And if you spent less than that per click, then you should be in profit form the get go.

And that's a great position to be in. And if you tweak your website and you start to convert better and get back even more, then your profit increases instantly with the same amount of traffic.

Common sense stuff once someone shows it to you.

Clearly, this is a watered-down explanation of things. It's a little more complex, but this is for illustration purposes.  Allow me to summarize: Here's how to get rich online: 

1. Optimize your website's value per visitor 2. and then get a lot more traffic. Ideally you'd want to do BOTH – consistently.

But the key word is OPTIMIZE.

Scenario 1: You’re paying 50c per click. You’re getting 100 clicks per day Total cost = $50.

Your sales letter is converting at 2%. That means you’re getting 2 sales per day. Assuming you’re selling an information product at $47.  

You’re grossing $94 per day with that product. Each visitor is worth $0.94. Since you netted $44 for every 100 visitors ($94-$50), the marginal net worth of each visitor is $0.44

Now, your focus is to boost those values by:                        

1. Increasing prices (depends on existing pricing strategy)                        

2. Increasing your conversion rate                         

3. Getting people who bought once to buy again                        

4. Or a combination of all three.

Testing Dynamite can  help you on all fronts.

(*I’m ignoring merchant processing fees and taxes to make this illustration less complex)

Scenario 2: (simple change)

You're still paying 50c per click

You're still getting 100 Clicks per day

Total cost = $50.

You implement one successful split test and your conversions goes up by 50%.

Assume you're selling an information product at $47. You're now grossing $141 per day with that product (3 sales per day). Each visitor is worth $1.41. You have now spent $50 to make $141.00.  Net 91.00 Each visitor is now worth $0.91 in NET profit to you.

Same traffic, more profits.

And this is only one would obviously continue this process over and over and over again.  The results can be game changing.  Life changing.

The only thing stopping you from split testing your way to a consistently converting, cash sucking website is knowing how to DEPLOY your split tests fast (and the internal fortitude to never give up as you test more and more things).  

My formula helps immensely. 


Dollar for dollar, the most BAD ASS Internet Marketing training going today! (You’re about to laugh at the cost!)


Does this work with ClickFunnels pages?

Yes, it does indeed. Although, I rarely choose to use Wordpress for landing pages that I’m testing especially if I’m driving paid traffic.  I prefer to use clean html/php pages.  

What makes your testing strategies different?

I bring a unique ability to the table.  I am a pro at both the technology and the marketing.  

Merging them together, technology and marketing.  It's what I do best.  I have unique insights and more than 8 years of extensive split testing experience.  

The direct knowledge in my head, based on my own experience, is now available at an extremely affordable price tag.  I'd be shocked if you don't find immense value in my Testing Dynamite Formula.  Buy it.  If it sucks, get your money back.

Do I need special hosting to use the testing software you recommend?

Grab your Copy of “Testing God” NOW for A Single Payment of Only $499.00

This is the most powerful tracking method I've ever discovered in 18+ years of digital marketing experience.

There's not a lot of details because I'm not going to explain what the method is beforehand... if you want results, this is for you.  If you already know what it is, you'd be doing it.  You don't.

Not illegal, Black Hat or against TOS.
Does not change or affect the design or look of your emails.
Does not use any kind of hidden text or stuffed keywords to try and get out of promotions.
Does not effect delivery to inbox... that's a different course/problem.
No Refunds, all sales are final.

Whether your emails hit primary inbox or promotions, this will improve opens and clicks, period.

If your emails go to spam, this will not help.

Here's the details and the button to purchase is below... 

Email God Method

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